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Financial queries

Answers to some of your finance questions.

Mutual aid

The Council is currently developing plans and would like you to consider joint working with other providers.

We are also distributing a regular ‘Covid-19 snap polls’ and calls from the quality and contracts team to understand your capacity to deliver care and support and to inform us how we can best support care providers as the current situation develops.

Should you have any offers or suggestions, please include these in your response to the above questionnaire when issued or email us now if you wish to share your details, so that we can put you in contact with other providers where they may have additional capacity.

Email: A & C Enquiry Line Quality & Contracts: enquirylinequality& 

Claim Statutory Sick Pay

The government has set out a range of support measures for businesses including reclaiming Statutory Sick Pay paid for sickness absence due to Covid-19.

Further details of these can be found on the government's website: 

Support from the council for care providers

We will:

  • provide regular updates to all providers
  • co-ordinate information from providers
  • consider both funded and non-funded people that receive support
  • ensure the list of individuals in receipt of local authority-commissioned care is up-to-date and record levels of informal support available to individuals
  • work with providers to identify people who fund their own care and help them to establish the levels of informal support available
  • it may be helpful for providers to share the number of hours of care they provide to help with planning, but they will want to satisfy themselves that it is lawful for them to share that information
  • map all care and support plans commissioned by the local authority, to inform planning during an outbreak. Support providers similarly to map those packages that are self-funded
  • contact all care providers in the local authority area and facilitate plans for mutual aid across the area. It is vital that this includes all providers, including those who mainly or solely deliver services to people who fund their own care, and is not confined solely to local authority- or CCG-commissioned services

The Care Quality Commission publishes information about all regulated care services on its online directory 

  • consider the need to draw on local community services and primary care providers to support care provision and draw up a plan for how and when this will be triggered
  • consider how voluntary groups can support care provision and link care providers and voluntary sector
  • take stock of how to maintain viable care provision during the outbreak of COVID-19, including financial resilience. The Local Government Association, Association of Directors of Adult Social Services and the United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) will be publishing best practice actions on financial resilience
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