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Letters and Sounds

Key documents are available to inform your practice and support the delivery of Letters and Sounds in your setting.

Letters and Sounds is a programme containing materials that concentrate on activities to promote speaking and listening skills, phonological awareness and oral blending and segmenting, to prepare children for learning to read and write.

The activities are intended to be used as part of a broad and rich language curriculum that has speaking and listening at its centre, links language with physical and practical experiences and provides an environment rich in print and abundant in opportunities to engage with books.

Letters and Sounds Key Documents

These are the main documents that are available to inform your practice and support the delivery of Letters and Sounds in your setting. It is essential that all practitioners are familiar with Letters and Sounds Phase 1 and that all school practitioners are familiar with the Phases beyond. The appendices contain information relating to several phases - it is important practitioners read information that is relevant to the ages, abilities and needs of their pupils.

Letters and Sounds - Phases 1 - 6

Letters and Sounds appendices


How are you consistently incorporating Letters and Sounds Phase 1 in your everyday practice? How do you ensure that all your staff are confident with the planning and delivery of Phase 1? The following resources will help you in all aspects of implementing Letters and Sounds into your setting.

Early Writing Development ebook

Following the success of the LEEP funded Early Years Writing Project, the 0-5 Learning Team are now able to share the ebook resource for EYFS practitioners in school:

Putting the ‘Wow’ into Early Writing Development   Opens new window

Creative Ideas to support Early Writing Development

this year long project culminated in a successful conference at the Curve theatre, Leicester on the 24th June, 2016. Following this conference we are now pleased to release a new resource pack:

Leap into Writing: Creative Ideas to support Early Writing Development   Opens new window

Oral Blending and Segmenting

Blending Phonics around the house

2 year old child segmenting words

Objects for use in Oral Blending and Segmenting activities

Possible activities

Letters and Sounds action planning

Articulating the Letter Sounds

Sounds of the English Phonic Code

Planning, Assessing and Tracking

Assessment grid: Statements relating to activities in phases 1-6

Phonics: Assessment and tracking Guidance

Comprehensive guidance for phases 1-2

Blank planning and resource grids for Phase 1

Examples of completed planning grids

Working with Parents

Relevant resources to help you work with parents will be added here as they are released. The resources below are for both childcare providers and parents to use.

An example of Letters and Sounds/Phonics good practice that you may want to create:

Booklet for parents

Useful ideas and suggestions for how to involve parents in supporting their child with letters and sounds:

Parental involvement in their children's learning and development case study

Twinkl Teaching Apps

Parent workshop on Letters and Sounds - go to subheading "Resources and activities"; in second column, click "Letters and Sounds Parent Workshop".

Audio Presentation - Using everyday objects in oral blending and segmenting activities

This presentation will enable you as practitioners to easily collect together resources to use when planning and delivering oral blending and segmenting activities.

If you are unsure how to correctly articulate the sounds/orally blend and segment, this presentation models the correct delivery – simply click on each object to hear it orally segmented correctly. You will need to ensure the volume on your computer is turned up sufficiently to hear the spoken sounds.

This presentation is a training tool for Early Years providers and parents/carers. It is not intended for use with children. This is because children need to see and hear adults saying the sounds and need real objects, presented to them in a fun and play-based manner.

Please contact us on 0116 305 7136 to request the 'Oral Blending Audio Presentation' file and instructions.

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