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Local and national early years news including training opportunities, safeguarding updates and Funding advice and guidance.

Early years news emails - the latest news from the service to childcare providers. Emails are issued around the 1st and 15th of each month.

Early childhood strategy 2017-2020 - improving outcomes for pre-school children in Leicestershire.

Early childhood strategy 2017-2020 

This strategy aims to improve the life chances of children in Leicestershire by addressing inequalities and improving the health and wellbeing of all children, particularly those from disadvantaged families living within the county

Signing in to the provider portal

New guidance has been produced to support you in logging in to the Provider Portal if you forget your password.

Early years news emails

Provider emails that are sent to all childcare providers. These are sent every two weeks around the 1st and 15th of the month.

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Information for Schools

EYFS Profile Assessment

Best Practice

The 0-5 Early Learning and Childcare Service has recently developed some best practice top tips to highlight what works well when links are strong between schools and governor-run early years provision.

Baseline Assessment Update April 2016

On April 7 2016, the DfE announced what was happening with the baseline assessment for 2016-17. Please click here for further information and latest updates can be found at:

Reception baseline assessment: guide to signing up your school

Reception baseline comparability study published

Early years provision on a school site

Updated Ofsted factsheet about registering school-based provision of childcare with Ofsted

On 25 February 2016, Ofsted updated their guidance for schools about when they must register their early years or childcare provision with Ofsted.

This factsheet sets out when a maintained or independent school must register its early years or childcare provision with Ofsted, where this provision is made directly by the school and managed by the governing body. There is also information about early learning or childcare provision on a school site not made directly by a school but through a private provider.

There is useful information for schools who are converting into academies to consider in respect of early learning and childcare provision offered on site. Finally, there are examples of how provision is run on school sites with clarification around the registration and inspection arrangements.

Schools who are considering either establishing governor-run early years provision, or working with a private provider to offer early years provision on the school site can contact Dionne Royston at for further advice, guidance and support from the 0-5 Early Learning and Childcare Service.

New resource: Leap into Writing: Creative Ideas to support Early Writing Development

The second cohort of 30 Leicestershire Reception teachers have now competed their LEEP funded Early Writing project. Facilitated and led  by Gillian Sykes and Shona Lewis from the University of Northampton (Early Years), this year long project culminated in a successful conference at the Curve theatre, Leicester on the 24 June, 2016. Following this conference we are now pleased to release a new resource pack.

This pack consists of a set of posters documented and created by the participating teachers’. They are a set of tried and tested ideas to inspire children to become enthusiastic ‘writers’. It is hoped that these posters will be used extensively by Early Years teachers and practitioners across schools in Leicestershire and beyond to help children to become independent, confident and motivated writers. These posters compliment the ‘Putting the ‘Wow’ into Early Writing Development’ ebook from the first cohort.

Leap into Writing: Creative Ideas to support Early Writing Development   Opens new window

Early Writing Development ebook resource

Following the success of the LEEP funded Early Years Writing Project, the 0-5 Learning Team are now able to share the ebook with all Leicestershire teachers. This is in a PDF format.

This ‘ebook’ is intended to provide a platform on which to share the work of an enthusiastic and dedicated group of reception teachers. These teachers took part in the LEEP funded project entitled ‘Putting the ‘Wow’ into Early Writing Development.

Commissioned by the 0-5 Learning service, Gillian Sykes and Shona Lewis from the University of Northampton (Early Years) facilitated and developed a ‘writing project’ to ‘bring early writing opportunities to life in reception classes’. This project, established as a ‘community of practice’, enabled teachers to share and develop their knowledge and understanding of how to inspire and motivate four and five year old children to become confident, keen, independent writers. This book is their work, and it is hoped it will inspire EYFS practitioners across Leicestershire schools.

Putting the ‘Wow’ into Early Writing Development    Opens new window

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