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Out of School providers (OOS)

For childcare providers who give Out of School care for children in Leicestershire.

Holiday playschemes

The playscheme grant aims to support an even distribution of playschemes across Leicestershire. Priority for awarding funding will be given to those schemes operating in areas of rural (population of less than 10,000) disadvantage and areas of deprivation (according to the indices of deprivation 2019).

Funding will be allocated per child place per day.

Application Guidance and Criteria

Holiday play schemes should:

  • Provide supervised opportunities for children in Leicestershire to play and develop their social and emotional relationships with one another in a safe environment, outside of school times, during the holidays. 
  • Provide play opportunities for children and young people aged between 4 and 14 years and up to 19 years for disabled children and young people and champion the needs of vulnerable children. The playscheme must be a stand-alone provision and not continuation of existing childcare provision. This must be clearly demonstrated through the application process.
  • Provide parents with the opportunity to utilise playschemes in the mix of childcare they may use over the summer holidays (blended childcare).

The link below will provide you the information as to whether you need to register with Ofsted.

Even if you do not need to register with them, you must inform Ofsted of your intent to run a play scheme.

If you require any further support and advice regarding Ofsted registration, please contact the Childcare Improvement Sufficiency Officer (CISO) on 0116 305 7136.

You may be eligible to register on the Voluntary Childcare Register through Ofsted, which will enable eligible parents to claim tax credit or tax free childcare. If you already have an Ofsted registration number it is an expectation that you promote this and register with Childcare Choices, thereby enabling parents to access the tax credit.

Ensure that the following documents are up to date and staff/volunteers have read and have the knowledge to implement them and documents are accessible to parents, children, visitors, Ofsted and local authority officers:

The policies that are marked with * need to be included in your application.

  • *Safeguarding children policy (including mobile phone and camera procedures)
  • *Inclusion
  • *Equal opportunities policy
  • *Staff recruitment policy
  • Complaints procedure
  • Accident and incident records book
  • Attendance registers
  • Activity plans
  • Lost child procedure
  • Uncollected child
  • Premises risk assessments

Each application should clearly demonstrate how it meets the criteria below:

Geographical factors

Priority will be given to rural and disadvantaged areas where there is little or no access to play scheme provision. 


Applications should demonstrate how they propose to remove barriers to inclusion. For example, how the playscheme will meet the needs of children from a range of different cultures and communities, looked after children, and young people and children with additional needs. Schemes are encouraged to work with schools and parents regarding the pupil premium and personal budgets.

Applications must be accompanied by a completed SEND Offer form which outlines the experience and support that you are able to offer a child with additional needs. This information will be made available to parents/carers on the Leicestershire Information and Support Directory which is part of the Local Offer.

There is a form for you to complete below if you require any additional funding to help support children with additional needs (Playscheme SEND inclusion form). This does not necessarily mean that every child or young person will require full-time, one-to-one, support. You will need to demonstrate how the additional funding will complement existing staffing.

Safeguarding children

Applications are required to show that you understand how you will implement child protection policies and procedures and must demonstrate how they comply with local safeguarding board procedures.

A joined up approach to support blended childcare

Applications which demonstrate a joined up approach with other organisations are welcomed. For example, playschemes that link with schools, other existing Private, Voluntary and Independent settings and other services that offer play opportunities.

The panel will also look favourably on other applications that have demonstrated some access to other funding contributions.

Quality of care

Applications must demonstrate through the application process how they provide good quality provision. This will need to include how you have consulted with the children, parents and wider community on what the scheme could provide, and show that there are opportunities for personal, social, and emotional development (PSED), attachment, communication, language and literacy (CLL) and physical play.


There is an expectation that playschemes engage with the local community thus building strong community links. The panel will be looking for those schemes that have shown a commitment to recruiting volunteers. Advice and guidance on this process can be obtained through Voluntary Action Leicester (VAL).

Helpline phone number: 0116 2575050


The holiday play scheme grant WILL NOT fund

  • Play schemes who have not completed and returned an evaluation form in respect of a grant awarded in the previous year.
  • Schemes that offer a single focus for example: sports or religious activities.
  • Registered childcare which would normally be open during the school holidays.
  • When updated and relevant policies and procedures are not included with the
  • Free school meal child places, if also in receipt of Healthy Activities and Food programme funding.

Playschemes are invited to apply for funding per child place for a maximum of 4 hours per day and for no more than 2 consecutive weeks at the same premises.

Maximum amount per child place: £7.50 per day

You can also apply for additional funding for SEND places

Maximum amount per SEND child place: £35 per day

Inclusion funding for additional SEND children not applied for within this application may be awarded up until the last date of the playscheme. In this instance please apply using the separate playscheme inclusion application form found below.

Monitoring of funding

  • Funding received will be monitored and any overpayments will be required to be returned to Leicestershire County Council.
  • Playschemes are required to keep accurate daily attendance registers and have these available for view during the monitoring visit. Attendance registers must clearly show the number of children funded by Summer Playscheme Grant 2022. Evaluation forms including the numbers of children attended must be sent to the Early Years Inclusion and Childcare Service within 5 working days of the last date of the playscheme.
  • Playschemes are required to obtain declaration forms completed by parents/guardians of children with SEND confirming the needs of their child and acknowledgement of the additional funding. The forms must be sent securely via Anycomms or Egress to The Early Years Inclusion and Childcare Service within 5 working days of the last date of the playscheme.

Please print, complete and scan to return (photographs will not be accepted).

Closing date for applications: Friday 25 March 2022.

Playscheme funding application form (2022)  

Playscheme SEND inclusion application form (2022)  

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