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Getting specialist support for schools

Information on how to get specialist support so that a child at your school can get the help they need.

Support for children with autism

You can ask for support from our Autism Outreach Service. It is best if your school’s SENCO or head teacher does this.

To process a request for support, we will:

  • send you a checklist, including the criteria for our involvement
  • if you meet our criteria - visit your school and meet with the relevant staff and the child’s parents
  • complete a further assessment or come and observe your school in action. Depending on the needs we’ve assessed, our involvement may then be short or long term.

See also:

Teachers Guide from Autism Education Trust

Autism - extra help for your child.

Support for children with learning difficulties or dyslexia

You can get the following support from our Learning Support Service:

  • advice and assessment for literacy and maths
  • teaching – in small groups or one-to-ones
  • modelling  of approaches and methods to school staff by our tutors or specialist Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs)
  • training – centrally or locally delivered
  • packages of support (for pupil premium), to meet individual school and/or pupil requirements.
Learning Support Service Charges - from 1 September 2015
Pupil Advice Meeting£222
Spotlight Assessment£333
Spotlight Plus£444
Full Diagnostic Assessment£555
Dyslexia Decision Meeting£250 - £305
Access Arrangements Assessments£138 per hour
Tuition rate (packages costed separately)£111 per hour
Training (Central)£120 per person per day
Bespoke training for schools or groups of schools£138 per hour

For further information or to discuss a specific request, please contact:

Valerie Brown
Learning Support Service Manager
Telephone: 0116 305 9400

See also dyslexia - extra help for your child.

Support for hearing impaired and deaf children

Contact us for advice on how to support hearing impaired and deaf children in your school so that they can achieve their full potential.

Depending on a child’s level of need we may offer:

  • advice to staff
  • training - centrally and locally delivered
  • observation and assessment
  • targeted support
  • modelling of approaches by our specialist teachers or specialist practitioners
  • written advice and reporting
  • individual teaching
  • acoustic assessments and advice on listening conditions

See also hearing impaired and deaf children.

Support for visually impaired and blind children

Our Vision Support Service can provide advice and guidance on how to support children who have a visual impairment in your pre-school and school setting.

Depending on a child's level of need we may offer:

  • individual support
  • direct teaching
  • monitoring
  • advice and/or training for staff
  • advice to the Special Educational Needs Assessment Service (SENA)

See also visually impaired and blind children

Support for children with multi-sensory impairments

We provide advice and guidance on how to support children who have a multi-sensory impairment in your school. Contact the Specialist Teaching Service.

Support for children with physical disabilities or complex medical needs

We provide advice, information and training to schools.

Your child’s class teacher and/or teaching assistant will be supported by our Advisory Teacher for Physical Disabilities with advice, guidance and training.

See also applying for help with a child's medical condition.

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