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Getting specialist support for schools

Information on how to get specialist support so that a child at your school can get the help they need.

Support for children with autism

You can ask for support from our Autism Learning Support Team (ALST). It is best if your school’s SENCO or head teacher does this.

To process a request for support, we will:

  • Expect the school to have undertaken within the last 2 years or have booked Autism Education Trust (AET) Making Sense of Autism (Tier 1) training for their school (see Autism Education Trust or ALST Working Practice Document via Autism information for professionals)
  • Send you documentation that would need to be filled out by both parents/carers and by the school, and sent back prior to the school referral meeting. We would also require a copy of the letter that outlines the child’s diagnosis to be sent to us within this pack of information
  • After processing of information the ALST teacher will be in touch to book the school referral meeting and/or to book in training

Support for children with learning difficulties or dyslexia

From 1 September 2018 Learning Support will offer a new 2-hour consultation (one per year) to schools and FE providers in Leicestershire. This Core Offer Consultation will not incur a charge.

The consultation will be carried out by a qualified SpLd (dyslexia) specialist and is to contribute some support to schools and FE providers in meeting the needs of children and young people with moderate to severe dyslexia or learning differences of a dyslexic nature. There are a number of possible options for using the consultation time:

  • To discuss 3 or 4 high need children or young people who have dyslexia and for whom the school or FE provider require some advice to move forward. 
  • To discuss more generic areas such as Dyslexia Friendly Practice, approaches to identification and monitoring of dyslexia, intervention strategies or particular features of dyslexia. 
  • To ‘pool’ hours in order to set up a dyslexia forum, for example within Multi Academy Trusts. 

The Core Offer Consultation is not, and cannot be used for, formal training.

Referral forms are available from: Specialist Teaching Service Business Support –

Form more information please visit Leicestershire Traded Services

Support for hearing impaired and deaf children

Contact us for advice on how to support hearing impaired and deaf children in your school so that they can achieve their full potential.

Depending on a child’s level of need we may offer:

  • advice to staff
  • training - centrally and locally delivered
  • observation and assessment
  • targeted support
  • modelling of approaches by our specialist teachers or specialist practitioners
  • written advice and reporting
  • individual teaching
  • acoustic assessments and advice on listening conditions

See also hearing impaired and deaf children.

Support for visually impaired and blind children

Our Vision Support Service can provide advice and guidance on how to support children who have a visual impairment in your pre-school and school setting.

Depending on a child's level of need we may offer:

  • individual support
  • direct teaching
  • monitoring
  • advice and/or training for staff
  • advice to the Special Educational Needs Assessment Service (SENA)

See also visually impaired and blind children

Support for children with multi-sensory impairments

We provide advice and guidance on how to support children who have a multi-sensory impairment in your school. Contact the Specialist Teaching Service.

Support for children with physical disabilities or complex medical needs

We provide advice, information and training to schools.

Your child’s class teacher and/or teaching assistant will be supported by our Advisory Teacher for Physical Disabilities with advice, guidance and training.

See also applying for help with a child's medical condition.

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