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Assistive technology for education support team

ICT Assessment Service (ICTAS)

The Assistive Technology for Education Support Team (ATfEST) consisting of assistive technology specialists, technicians and practitioners. ATfEST works in conjunction with all  teams to provide an integrated and comprehensive response to children and young people whilst in an educational setting.

  • Assistive technology for education 

    Supporting educational settings in their work with children and young people who have physical, communication and/or sensory difficulties, to enable access to the national curriculum through the use of Assistive Technology.

  • Keyboard and assistive technology 

    Assessing and teachings assistive technology skills to SEND pupils, such as keyboard skills, to aid access to the curriculum and promote inclusion.

  • Resource production 

    Developing adapted, transcribed, enlarged and/or modified resources and materials to enable and support access to learning and inclusion for SEND pupils.

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