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About autism

What Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is and how it is identified and diagnosed.

What is autism?   

Diagnosis and identification of autism

NICE - Autism spectrum disorder in under 19s: recognitions, referral and diagnosis

Autism awareness elearning

This elearning module can be used to offer parents, carers and professionals a basic insight into understanding what an Autism Spectrum is.

This tool has been put together through a collaborative effort between health, education and adults/communities. It’s important that this should not replace the Autism Education Trust (AET) training that the Autism and Learning Support Team (ALST) deliver into schools. The AET has more information on training and future training dates.

This elearning tool can be used as a potential mandatory tool for staff to use to gain a basic understanding.

Autism awareness online training

Videos about ASD

University of Leicester films about autism

Dr Khalid Karim, Clinical teaching Fellow for the Greenwood Institute of Child Health, in partnership with the University of Leicester, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, and funded by Carlton Hayes Charity, has created a series of short information films (approximately 5 minutes each) on different aspects of autism, which have been recorded in a number of different languages.

The videos have been designed to help individuals and families develop a greater understanding of autism. Included in these videos are:

  • What is ASD and what causes ASD?
  • Understanding social and communication difficulties.
  • Understanding the difficulties in social imagination.
  • Understanding and managing behavioural problems.
  • Managing sleep problems.
  • Understanding sensory problems

Dr Karim would like to hear your views on the materials - the website has a short survey which he would appreciate your time to complete.

Videos: Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

The Amazing Autism Project

The Amazing Autism Project have produced a video which aims to raise awareness of autism among non-autistic audiences:

Video: Amazing Things Happen (5m 30s)

We are Autism

A video from Connor Ward where various people with autism share how it affects them.

We are Autism (2m 30s)

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