Getting you set up to work from home

Guidance on how you can get yourself set up to work from home.

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Your manager will need to request that you’re set up to work remotely and you’ll need to ensure you have all the right equipment and access.

​​​​When working from home you should:

  • be contactable during agreed working hours
  • ensure you have minimal distractions
  • make sure you don’t work excessive hours

Equipment needed to work from home

Laptops, PCs, tablets or phones

You’ll need access to your own devices. If you don’t have a device for work purposes:

  • you must first ask your department if you can borrow a device
  • or you can contact the I&T service desk and request to borrow an available device for a short term (no more than 5 days)

Council equipment is covered by the council’s insurance whilst they’re in your home and when in transit but you should also notify your home insurer of the nature and extent of your home working. Your own equipment or devices aren’t covered by the council’s insurance even if you are using them for work. 

Internet access

If you’re working from home you’ll need to make sure you have internet access.

Remote access to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

To access the council network and most of your desktop applications on your own devices you’ll need to either:

  • download the ‘VMware Horizon Client’ software and install it
  • use it in an internet browser

You’ll also need to download the Swivel Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

When you connect to a non-LCC Wi-Fi from your LCC device at home or using the VMware Horizon Client from your own device you’ll need access to the Swivel Mobile app.

When you log in to you desktop, using the VMware Horizon Client icon, you’ll have to enter a 6-digit code, from the Swivel Mobile app, into the ‘passcode’ field. 


You’re not able to print to your own printer when working from home because it’s not on the same network. You’ll need to ensure that anything you need is printed on the council printers beforehand or when you are back in the office.

Storing council information and equipment

Once you have accessed the network, you should read on the intranet the:

  • Information security and acceptable use policy (PDF) which explains how to safeguard the security of council information, data, systems or equipment.
  • Handling information securely page ​which provides some useful information on how to handle both paper and electronic information when at home or when working remotely.