Fair Cost of Care and Market Sustainability Plan

In line with guidance from the DHSC, the council's Fair Cost of Care (FCOC) ‘Annex B’ reports were published on 1 February 2023. The reports take the format set out by the DHSC and describe the findings of the residential and home care FCOC surveys. As well as publishing the key cost of care figures, the reports describe some of the issues encountered in conducting the exercise, such as a low response rate in the home care survey, and the need for caution when considering the results. 

Allied to the FCOC, the council is also required to produce a Market Sustainability Plan (MSP) for the residential and home care markets. The FCOC surveys yielded valuable insights, which fed into the MSP and will inform future fee setting in these markets. The Council submitted its final MSP to the DHSC at the end of March 2023, which takes into account changes made by the Autumn Statement 2022.