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Good Food Leicestershire marks the start of a long-term journey to make Leicestershire a healthier and more sustainable county.

We recognise the strong role that food plays across the community and our aim is to work across sectors to tackle growing health issues, reduce the impact of poverty, cut food waste and address the environmental impact of food.

Leicestershire’s Food Charter is our ambition for food in the county – it informs a more detailed plan which explains how we will work across the county and districts in the short term to support and develop partnerships, and to start to develop projects towards our vision. In time, we want these partnerships to grow in size and breadth and together they will help inform a much longer-term, sustainable and outward-looking food plan for Leicestershire.

As well as supporting existing work taking place across the county, Good Food Leicestershire encourages more joined-up thinking across local businesses, universities, food economies and surrounding city and county councils to promote an improved food system at both a county and a local level.

We are proud to be the first full county member of the national Sustainable Food Places initiative

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