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Leicestershire county community safety agreement

Leicestershire County Council work closely with a range of partners to help support community safety.

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Community safety agreement

The production of a community safety agreement is a statutory requirement.

It sets out how the police, local authorities, fire and rescue, probation services, health and third sector partners will work together in partnership, to identify and  address shared priorities, to prevent and mitigate the effects of crime and disorder across the county.

In Leicestershire, the community safety agreement is published by the Leicestershire Safer Communities Strategy Board.

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District partners and their strategies

Partner community safety partnership pages include their 2017 - 2020 partnership strategies, social media links and contact details.


North West Leicestershire 

Hinckley and Bosworth


Oadby and Wigston 



Leicestershire and associated local authority strategies

Leicestershire Communities Strategy 2017 - 2021

Leicestershire Communities website

Leicester City Council 2016 - 2017

Rutland County Council 2017 - 2020

Responsible agencies and their strategies 

Leicestershire Police

Leicestershire Police Force Management Statement

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

National Probabtion Service

East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Key stakeholders

Violence Reduction Network

Office of Police and Crime Commissioner

Crown Prosecution Service

Leicestershire Joint Health and Wellbeing Board

Local Government Association (LGA)

Strategies and priorities

Policing vision: 2025

From Harm to Hope drugs plan 2021

UK Government: Beating Crime Plan 2021

Tackling Volence against Women and Girls Strategy 2021

Home Office Serious Violence Strategy 2018 

Modern Cime Prevention Strategy 2016

Drugs and gangs (County Lines) 

National Crime Prevention Strategy

Integrated Offender Management

National Cyber Security Strategy

Home Office Serious and Organised Crime Strategy 2018

National Crime Agency National Plan 2019-20

How we are accountable

Leicestershire Safer Communities Strategy Board (LSCSB) documents, performance reports and dashboard

Local scrutiny 

Satisfaction surveys

Common themes and shared priorities

  • Identify and protect the most vulnerable
  • Reduce harm from alcohol and substance misuse
  • Reduce incidence and impact of anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  • CSE / Cyber bulling: rduce risk of harm to young people
  • Increase confidence /reporting of hate incidents
  • Increase reporting of domestic abuse and protect victims
  • Reduce crime and fear of crime

How you can contribute

Take a survey (see local authority websites)

Read about volunteering with VAL or VA Rutland

Being viable and adding value 

Developing and supporting 

  • Developing and supporting our people

Embedding problem solving 

Supporting performance

  • Minimum standards
  • Supporting evidence based practice
  • Building community capacity 

Facilitating scrutiny and oversite

  • Digital communications and engagement 
  • Developing information sharing


Disrupting serious and organised crime tactics

College of policing crime reduction toolkit

Crime prevention -

Local government association safer communities models

NSPCC toolkit - child criminal exploitation and county lines

HM Government cyber crime and fraud communications toolkit for law enforcement 

Gambling commission - crime and joint working toolkit

Neighbourhood watch  - safer community toolkits

Modern day slavery - National Referral Mechanism (NRM) 

Modern day slavery - NCA best practice guide 

Community safety councillor workbook

Supporting the Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) plan by being effective

  • We will deliver our partnership work through local joint action.
  • We will build legitimacy in our communities by maintaining a presence and communicating our work.
  • Effectively counsulting and engaging to inform priority setting.

Supporting the PCC plan by being efficient

  • We will develop minimum standards across our community safety partnerships.
  • We will ensure that we continually develop our approaches.
  • We will invest in our communities building capacity and focusing on prevention.

Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner (OPCC) Crime Plan - Underpinning and supporting community safety across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Viable Partnerships, Visible Policing, Victim Services, Vulnerability Protection and Value For Money


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