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Professional Resources

Working with the council

Care worker helping someone walk down the stairs

Working within Adult Social Care.

  • Residential and nursing care fees 

    Each year, the Council reviews the fees it pays to providers and ensures that sufficient funding is in place to meet the cost of care.

  • Building accommodation to meet the needs of people in Leicestershire 

    Investment prospectus 2019 - 2037. Our county has a growing population, with an expected rise of around 85,000 people by the year 2038. This means there is a rise in demand on suitable accommodation, particularly for older people.

  • Become a social care provider 

    Useful information if you’re thinking of becoming a social care provider or if you’re already a provider.

  • Inspired to care 

    Supporting social care to attract and retain staff and helping prospective applicants to learn about the opportunities available to them.

  • Dignity award 

    Awarded to providers who can demonstrate their ongoing commitment to promoting and delivering dignified care services.

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