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Professional Resources

Infection prevention and control

Local Authority Community Infection Prevention and Control Service

Essential resources and guidance on the prevention and control of infections.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) and infection prevention and control

See the latest information for care providers, to support you in managing staff and supporting service users. 

  • Infection Prevention and Control: our service 

    Information about this service and contact details.

  • Essential guidance 

    It is highly recommended that you become familiar with the contents of the documents to be found in this section. They provide guidance that will assist you in developing the systems and processes that you need to have in place, in order to achieve compliance in infection prevention and control within your care home.

  • Prevent the spread of infection 

    Information on how to reduce the spread of some specific infections within your care home.

  • Infections 

    Infections can be caused by a variety of micro-organisms, (bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa etc.) and how they are managed will therefore vary.

  • Outbreaks 

    An outbreak can be defined as two or more cases of infection occurring around the same time, in residents and/or their carers or an increase in the number of cases normally observed. The commonest outbreaks are due to viral respiratory infections and gastroenteritis.

  • Sepsis 

    Sepsis is a medical emergency. It is essential for all staff to recognise the symptoms and know what immediate steps they must take.

  • Antimicrobial resistance 

    Preventing and controlling infections remains a challenge. There is increasing antimicrobial resistance meaning that new and emerging infections are becoming harder to treat.

  • The built environment 

    A building’s design can help infection prevention and control by providing an environment that is easy to clean and maintain. It is important that these features are designed into a refurbishment, upgrade or new build from commencement of the project.

  • Environment and sustainability 

    It is better to prevent an infection rather than control it as micro-organisms thrive and multiply in certain environments.

  • Audit tools 

    An annual programme of audits will help demonstrate that key policies and practices are being implemented, updated and adhered to appropriately.

  • Priority groups for vaccination 

    The Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland COVID-19 vaccination programme is following the nationally set Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) priority order.

  • Training 

    Training on the prevention and control of infection should form part of the induction programme for all new staff and be included in on-going training programmes.

  • Genito-urinary system 

    A guide to preventing infections, when dealing with a urinary catheter.

  • Care Quality Commission 

    In November 2017 the Care Quality Commission (CQC) made Infection Prevention and Control a mandatory Key Line of Enquiry (KLOE).

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