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Multi-Agency Referral Form for Early Help and Social Care services (MARF)

Any professional or practitioner wanting to make a request for service to Leicestershire County Council including Early Help or Social Care should complete this online MARF.

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Leicester Safeguarding PartnershipLeicestershire & Rutland Safeguarding Children Partnership


  • If you are concerned that a child is suffering significant harm and is in imminent danger you should contact the Police immediately for an emergency response.
  • If you suspect that a child has suffered or is likely to suffer significant harm, refer this immediately by telephone to children’s social care on 0116 305 0005. The child may have made a disclosure, presents with an injury causing suspicion, or may be in a situation that has escalated so much that the child could be in danger.

A written referral of the information shared must be submitted using the MARF within 24 hours.

You should use the MARF if you are:

  • working with a child who you have assessed to have additional needs and there is permission from a parent to request Early Help services
  • working with a child who you have assessed to have complex needs which now requires a social work assessment to understand how these needs can be met and you have discussed this with the parent.

To assist you in making the decision about what the child may need, please:

Review the LLR SCP threshold document

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Guidance for using the MARF   Opens new window

Before you start the form


Have all information ready. You will have a 90 minute session. To complete the MARF you will need:

  • Name, DOB, address of the child/ren you are referring and first parent/carer
  • Name, DOB, address of any other children, family members or significant others in the child/ren’s life
  • Names and contact details of any other agencies who have involvement with the child/ren and family
  • Names of other Local Authorities who have had involvement with the child/ren and family
  • Electronic copies of any assessments (CSE, Neglect, FGM, DASH, Gang Involvement)
  • Correct postcodes of all addresses provided

It will be helpful to have the name and address of the GP for all children being referred, but not a requirement to complete the form

Requests for Social Care Information from professionals

If you are a professional (e.g. CAFCASS, Probation, Housing, other LA's conducting statutory safeguarding checks, assessments), working with a child/ or adult and you require specific supporting information from children’s social care records or where you need to find out if we hold such information, use the Request for Information form below to make a Statutory Request for Information. This form is only to be used by professional agencies who have a duty to undertake such enquiries as part of their statutory role.

Request for social care information for professionals

When you are ready to complete a MARF:

Continue to the LSCP MARF

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