School readiness toolkit

In Leicestershire we believe that …

Every child deserves to have the best possible start to school life.

Every family is unique, with their own strengths and challenges. It is not who parents and carers are, or where they live, that makes a difference, but what they do to support their children.

Schools and early years providers, along with other professionals, have the privilege to work with families and support children on their life journey in preparation for school.

Being ready for school is part of each child’s life journey from pre- birth onwards, through every age and stage of development.  It is about supporting transition, gaining competencies and promoting family health and well- being to ensure that no child is at a disadvantage.

School Readiness is about working together for a child ready, family ready, school ready community.

The Ready for school? (Small steps make a big difference) leaflet

- will provide clarity and help for families as they prepare their child for school.

The “School Readiness” toolkits will equip schools and early years providers as they support children’s continuing learning journey into and through the reception year.