My Personal Education Plan

A meeting for you!

Raised hands in a classroom

We want to help you to do your best at school.

It is really important that things are right for you at school. We need to know what is good about your education and what could be improved upon. It is important that you are happy at school or college so that you can do your very best.

Key adults who need to help you with your education, meet to discuss this in a 'PEP Meeting' at least twice a year. Your views will be very important in these meetings.

The PEP Meeting is held in school and a PEP document is written for you which includes information about your progress in school and your targets. The PEP is part of your care plan and is part of your review. You will have a Designated Teacher in school who knows about your PEP.

Your PEP is drawn up on entry to school or when you come into care and acts a guide about your progress in education throughout your time at school and college. The PEP will include targets and it has a section which you will be asked to complete.

Your views are needed for your PEP and you have the right to attend this meeting if you want to. In fact, you are the most important person in this meeting because it's your voice that needs to drive things forward.