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Information for bus operators

Register your company, tender for contracts, view contract conditions and guidelines

Tendering for mainstream, SEN and social care transport contracts

The council tenders and awards contracts for mainstream, SEN and social care transport under a Framework for large vehicle passenger transport (9 or more passenger seats).

Most of these tenders are undertaken by eAuction, please see section below for further information on eAuctions. Currently only those operators that are included on the council’s Large Vehicle Framework (BB3) are able to tender.

The BB3 Framework Agreement is currently in place from 1 June 2016 until 31 May 2020. At this time, it is not possible to add new operators onto the BB3 Framework.

View the BB3 Framework Agreement   Opens new window

BB3 operators as of 1 November 2019  Opens new window

Please note: Leicestershire County Council does not maintain an 'approved list' of transport suppliers.

The transport suppliers listed in the link above is a record of suppliers who have successfully applied for the BB3 Large Vehicle Framework. This list should not be regarded as an endorsement or recommendation by Leicestershire County Council for these suppliers.

If you're considering using any of these suppliers, then it is your responsibility to undertake your own independent checks and vetting, prior to engaging their services. Leicestershire County Council will not accept any responsibility or liability for arrangements made directly with these suppliers.

Tendering for Local Bus Service contracts

All operators with the appropriate licences that are registered with the Council will be able to tender for Local Bus Service contracts. Most of these tenders are undertaken through a web-based tendering portal.

Registering your company

You can register your company details with the council if you have not previously done so. Once registered, you may then be able to tender for Local Bus Service contracts, and be considered for other short-term or emergency work for mainstream, SEN and social care transport where appropriate.  

Complete the operator application form   Opens new window

By registering your company, you will also receive an email notification when the Large Vehicle Framework is renewed.

Contract conditions for large vehicles

All large vehicle contracts that are operated on behalf of Leicestershire County Council must follow the contract conditions that are set out in the following documents:

For contracts that started before June 2016:

Local Bus Service Contract Conditions October 2009   Opens new window

Large Vehicle Framework Conditions May 2015 (BB2)    Opens new window

Large Vehicle Off - Framework Contract Conditions May 2015   Opens new window

For contracts starting from June 2016 onwards:

Local Bus Service - Schedule 2A - Terms and Conditions June 2016  Opens new windowOpens new window

Local Bus Service - Schedule 2B - Operational Specification June 2016   Opens new window

Large Vehicle Framework BB3

Framework Agreement June 2016   Opens new window

Schedule 2A – Call-off Terms and Conditions June 2016   Opens new window

Schedule 2B – Operational Specifications June 2016   Opens new window

Large Vehicle Off-Framework

Schedule 2A – Terms and Conditions June 2016   Opens new window

Schedule 2B – Operational Specifications June 2016   Opens new window

Registering Drivers and Escorts

All Drivers and Escorts that are employed on Leicestershire County Council contracts must be registered with the Council.  

In order for them to be registered they must be assessed by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). To request further details, including an application form for a DBS check, please email Drivers and Escorts must apply for their DBS check and badge via their employer; applications from individuals will not be accepted.

On receipt of an appropriate DBS Assessment Certificate, Leicestershire County Council will review the certificate and issue an identification badge if deemed suitable.  

Drivers and Escorts must display their identification badges at all times when working on Leicestershire County Council contracts.
Drivers and Escorts are advised to read the following guidelines:

Guidelines for Drivers    Opens new window

Guidelines for Escorts    Opens new window

Large vehicle eAuctions

View the latest eAuction results

Summer 2018 eAuction results   Opens new window

Summer 2017 eAuction results   Opens new window

All operators that are on the current Large Vehicle Framework will receive email invitations to participate in future electronic auctions (eAuctions). To take part, they will need to accept the invitation.

In addition to the guidance and contract conditions set out in the Large Vehicle Framework, all contracts that are tendered and let through eAuctions are also subject to the following guidelines and supporting documents:

Guidance on Tendering for Packaged Contracts in eAuctions   Opens new window

Tips and Important Notes to remember   Opens new window

Due North User Guide   Opens new window

eAuction Rules of Participation Summer 2016    Opens new window

Guide for First Time Log-in   Opens new window

Privacy Policy   Opens new window

Terms of Use   Opens new window

Invoicing and payment

Completed invoices should be posted to:

Passenger Transport Services Team
Transport Operations Service
Environment and Transport Dept.
Leicestershire County Council         
County Hall, Glenfield
Leicester, LE3 8RJ

Or hand delivered to the Leicestershire County Council Main Reception, please obtain a receipt. Electronic invoices will not be accepted.

Payments are generally made after 30 days following the receipt of a correct invoice.

The Council does also operate a 14-day payment scheme, if you are interested in this then please email or see the Early Discount Payment Scheme for more information.

Early Payment Discount Scheme    Opens new window

Payments may be delayed due to invoices either being incorrect or containing insufficient or unclear information. Operators are therefore advised to follow the council’s invoice guidance to ensure that payments are not unnecessarily delayed.

Invoice guidance for bus operators    Opens new window

Please email if you would like a copy of the council’s invoice template.

General Information

Concessionary Travel Scheme Rules (April 2020 - March 2021)  Opens new window

Concessionary Travel Scheme Rules (April 2019 - March 2020)   Opens new window

AVCO Operator Guidelines   Opens new window

Severe Weather Advice   Opens new window

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