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FEEE information for providers

Tools and information to help providers administer FEEE successfully, including 30 hours extended FEEE.

FAQ about FEEE funding for 2-year olds

Where can I find the eligibility criteria?

Information on eligibility criteria

How can parents check if they are eligible?

This can be done online either by the parent directly using Leicestershire’s Citizen Portal or you can complete an assisted application using the Provider Portal.

Parents can find further information about how to complete the check themselves.

Guide to checking eligibility using the Provider Portal for providers

When is the child eligible from?

Child’s birthday between:When you can claim:
1 January and 31 MarchFrom the 1 April following their 2nd birthday
1 April and 31 AugustFrom the 1 September following their 2nd birthday
1 September and 31 DecemberFrom the 1 January following their 2nd birthday

If a child attends my provision that lives out of county, which local authority pays for the funding?

Leicestershire children accessing the funding outside of Leicestershire will be paid by the Local Authority they take up their early years place in. Likewise, Leicestershire Local Authority will fund children taking up their place with Leicestershire Childcare Providers who live out of county.

If a child has been approved out of county, what do I need to do?

If a child has been approved by another local authority but wants to attend a county provision, you'll need to send in proof of confirmation that the parents would have been issued with from the relevant local authority. Please send this via AnyComms+ FAO the FEEE team.

What documents do I need before I make a claim?

  • A copy of each child’s birth certificate / passport or medical card.
  • A signed/dated Parental Statement of Undertaking (PSOU) which clearly states how many hours the parent/carer wants you to claim for.

How do I claim?

You will need to complete the relevant Headcount task for the period. Please note you will have to record the CURN.

How much funding will I be paid?

The current funding rate for 2 year olds is £5 p/h. Any changes to the funding rate will be communicated out by email.

Do children claiming 2 year old funding qualify for EYPP?

No – EYPP is only applicable to eligible 3 and 4 year olds. 2 year olds who received the funding and are entering into 3 and 4 year old funding are not immediately eligible - please ensure you check all children you think may be eligible for EYPP funding.

If a child is claiming 2 year funding and has now turned 3, what do I need to do?

The child will still be eligible to claim for the 2 year old funding until the term after their 3rd birthday. They will automatically roll on to claim the 3 year funding.

Can the 2 year old funding be stretched?

Yes - A parent / carer cannot insist that a provider offers this opportunity, but if you can accommodate a parents / carers request and it will benefit the child we would definitely recommend you doing so. If you would like some advice on how to implement / administer a stretched offer please contact us on 0116 305 5788 or email:

What happens if a parent/carer(s) circumstances change after successfully applying for the 2 year old funding?

Once a child is eligible for the funding this can be claimed until the child is eligible for the 3/4 year old funding - even if their circumstances change.

Can parents continue to claim child tax credits once they take up a funded place?

Once a child takes up a funded place they cannot claim child tax credits for childcare that they are getting through the entitlement. Parents should contact HMRC for advice.

Can I offer the 2 year old funding if I am newly registered and do not have an Ofsted grade?

Yes, however once you are inspected if you do not receive a grade of ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ you will be removed from the list of providers able to offer the 2 year old funding and funding may be withdrawn as soon as practicable.

What if my Ofsted grade changes? Can I continue to offer 2 year old funded places?

If you do not receive an Ofsted grade of ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ you will be removed from the list of providers offering the 2 year old funding. Any children already accessing the funding at your provision will continue to be funded, however you will not be in a position to take any new children until your Ofsted grade once again reflects good or outstanding. Please refer to the: Removal of FEEE funding policy

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