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Inclusion and equality in early years

The Early Years Inclusion and Childcare Service established a working party in June 2020 following the death of George Floyd and are committed to stand up against racism and promote racial diversity and inclusion.

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The working party’s aims are to support our service and the early years sector with: 

  • Supporting colleagues, children and families to identify and challenge racism and discrimination
  • Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion among our staff and by championing the rights and needs of children and adults in the communities we serve.
  • Working within the Equality Act to ensure that everyone is treated fairly based on their protected characteristics.
  • Sharing key messages and resources that promote equality, inclusion and diversity
  • Supporting anti-racist practice in the early years

Bitesize videos

The following links are the you tube videos mentioned in the starting the conversation bitesize which will help you develop your knowledge further:

Audits and toolkits

Anti-racism audit tool  Opens new window

An Ethnicity Allies Guide to Getting it Right  Opens new window

Celebrating Cultural and Linguistic Diversity  Opens new window

A toolkit for practitioners working with children and young people.

Reporting incidents

The document below contains a hate incident recording form and a pathway summary chart for action to be taken.

Reporting incidents or discrimination and pathway  Opens new window

Key messages for parents

Supporting you to raise anti-racist children  Opens new windowFurther resources

Audio and video

Adults resources

Listening as a way of life NCB series - Are equalities an issue?  Opens new window

Finding out what children think – Nicky Road

Listening as a way of life NCB series - Listening and responding to young children’s views on food  Opens new window

Ann-Marie McAuliffe with Jane Lane

Children's resources

  • All about Diversity by Felicity Brookes Mar Ferrero – ISBN-13 : 978-1474986649
  • Children’s Empowerment in Play by Natalie Canning –  ISBN : 1138322296
  • My Skin, Your Skin: An early introduction to Race and Racism  – Laura Henry-Allain ISBN-13 ‏: ‎978-0241512739
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