Inclusion forums

The inclusion forums offer support to schools when they have concerns about a child or young person and aren’t sure what to do, after trying all the options available to them.

Inclusion forums and who they are for

The inclusion forums are aimed at enabling all children and young people to engage effectively in education and training.

This is achieved by providing multi-agency support to Leicestershire learners at the earliest possible opportunity.

Schools may use the forums to seek advice on strategies and approaches to meet the needs of the child or young person, that they are responsible for.

The forums are designed to develop plans that support a range of approaches to achieve each child’s learning objectives.

    Criteria of cases

    The inclusion forums are expected to discuss:

    • children and young people who are finding it difficult to manage in their educational setting, and whose existing strategies or support haven't been successful
    • the child or young person's needs: 
      • how the child behaves in the setting
      • if there are any factors from outside of the school environment that may contribute to behaviours
      • evidence of any SEND needs, including physical or mental health needs
      • evidence of medical needs (where available)
      • attendance and any impacting factors on this
      • strategies and current support in place, including the impact/outcome of this support
      • any suspected needs being explored
      • any additional contributory environmental or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
      • any other areas of concern

    The cases discussed may be named or anonymous.

    Where they are named, settings must seek consent from the parent or guardian to discuss their child in a multi-agency forum.

    Where anonymised, settings can be provided with a support plan, but this will be subjective, and settings will be responsible for ensuring these fit with the child’s needs.

    Services that attend the inclusion forums

    • Children and Family Wellbeing Service (CFWS)
    • DWP – Education, Employment and Training (EET) panel
    • Educational Psychology Service
    • Health
    • Inclusion Service
    • Special Educational Needs Assessment (SENA) Team
    • Specialist Teaching Service, including Autism Outreach Team
    • Special schools and resource bases
    • The educational settings
    • Virtual Schools – EET panel

    Inclusion forums terms of reference

    The following terms of reference are specific to Leicestershire’s inclusion forums provided for early years; primary education; secondary education and post 16 education, employment and training.

    The inclusion forums process

    The forums have been set up to respond to different educational age groups from early years to primary, secondary and post 16. This enables clear consideration regarding the child and young person’s needs, so that support and advice can be given, based on appropriate developmental expectations.

    The forums are arranged within the following groups:

    Early years and pre-school settings - under statutory school age (birth to age 5)

    These forums take place twice per month in the north and south of the county.

    Please see the Early years inclusion and childcare service Eventbrite page for more information, including dates of upcoming drop-ins.

    Primary settings - age 5 to age 11 (reception to year 6)

    These forums take place on a weekly basis during term time at various locations around the county.

    The dates and booking information can be accessed via the Oakfield Short Stay School website.

    Secondary settings - age 11 to age 16 (year 7 to year 11)

    These forums take place monthly in each of the five partnership areas during term time.

    The dates and booking information can be accessed via the Leicestershire Secondary Education and Inclusion Partnerships website.

    Post 16 EET – over statutory school age 16 to age 19 and up to 25 for young people with an EHCP

    These forums take place every 6 weeks. The dates and further information can be accessed by emailing

    Following your request to attend a forum, you will receive confirmation of the date that your case will be discussed.

    Settings will have the opportunity to share cases and in turn will be advised around the following:

    • best endeavours and reasonable adjustments
    • self-help resources that are need specific
    • training available to support staff
    • support available through the services attending
    • advice of onward referral routes
    • transition arrangements for new schools or placements

    All educational settings will leave with an education plan to help meet the child/young person’s needs.


    At any point you can re-refer the same child to the inclusion forums. Please ensure that when you do this, you bring an updated plan with the actions you have completed against this or any additional needs that are presenting. This will help to determine the next steps.

    Monitoring progress

    Outcomes will be monitored to check the progress of the child or young person.

    If you would like further information, please contact