Schools, colleges and academies

Including information about staff development, LEAMIS and outdoor education.

Information and resources for schools.

Resources and information for primary schools.

Resources and information for staff planning off-site visits and activities.

Responsibilities of schools and the legal powers of the Pupil Services Court Team regarding pupil school attendance.

Information for parents on how to prepare their child for school.

Guidance information from the LRSCP, DfE, Ofsted and partner organisations.

Providing training, advice and information to school governors, headteachers and clerks supporting schools in raising standards of achievement, providing the young people of the County with the best possible opportunities.

The Inclusion Service is one of many services within the authority, that work alongside schools and other education establishments, to enable links to teams and resources within the local authority, to help to remove barriers in achieving inclusion.

Support team comprising of a LEAMIS Service Desk and experienced software and technical experts providing a comprehensive support, consultancy and training services to schools and academies.

The Education Effectiveness Team (EET) works with all education settings in Leicestershire (primary, secondary schools and academies, alternative providers and independent / specialist settings) to help them give children the best start in life they can.

The function of a SACRE is to support and advise the LA on matters connected with collective worship in community schools and in foundation schools which do not have a religious character, and the religious education to be given in accordance with an agreed syllabus.

Notify us online that your school is closing. Responsibilities for vulnerable children.

High Needs top up funding follows the pupil from school to school. Password protected budget and monthly funding spreadsheets.

A Leicestershire Traded Service offering modular services that enable teachers to create the package that meets their school’s needs and budget.