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Out of school funding

For children with additional needs, who live in Leicestershire and would like to attend an Out of School setting.

Funding is currently available for children with additional needs, who live in Leicestershire, and who attend or would like to attend an Out of School setting.

Not all children with special educational needs require additional help to be successfully included in settings, indeed most settings meet the additional needs of children very well. However, in some circumstances children with additional needs benefit from a higher than usual staffing ratio.

The funding is intended to contribute towards identified additional staffing costs, with the rate set at £7.50 per hour and paid termly.

If you have children who you think would benefit from this funding please complete the application form, agree to the terms of the grant and return to the Early Learning and Inclusion Service. This will then be put to a funding panel for approval.

In the first instance, please look at the funding chart and decide which funding you would like to apply for. Once decided, please scroll down to find the correct funding criteria and application form for which you would like to apply for.

Inclusion funding chart  Opens new window

Capturing the child's voice for Out of School clubs  Opens new window

OOS Funding criteria  Opens new window

OOS Funding application form  Opens new window

Please note:

  • Applications will no longer be accepted ad hoc. Three dates for the year have been set [see below] where applications will be accessed, and funding awarded by the panel if the criteria is met. This will allow a greater overview of what funding the children may have had previously, changes to children’s needs, any changes in circumstance and feedback from monitoring visits.
  • Panel dates will also allow providers to forward plan for the children and know what funding they have been awarded.
  • The onus will be on providers to not automatically put in for 1-1 funding but to think if this is actually the best scenerio for the child. The panel will be looking that the needs of the child have been scrutinised to ascertain what support is needed and how this will benefit the child. This could be adult support at certain times of the day only, shared care [worker] with other children with identified needs, time limited support to support the child with transitions e.g. when a child first starts at your provision.
  • A child that has 1-1 support at school through a Statement or Education Health Care Plan will not automatically be awarded 1-1 funding for the OOS. School support is awarded for education. An OOS is a different environment and it is expected the OOS application will reflect this.

Dates of funding panels

Autumn term 2021

  • 14 September 2021 – Applications to be received by 7 September 2021
  • 16 November 2021 – Applications to be received by 9 November 2021

School holiday panel dates

  • 7 December 2021 - Christmas Holiday
  • 29 March 2022 - Easter Holiday 
  • 5 July 2022 - Summer Holiday 

Spring term 2022

  • 11 January – Pre-panel (applications to be received by this date)
  • 18 January – Panel
  • 1 March – Pre-panel (applications to be received by this date)
  • 8 March – Panel

Summer term 2022

  • 26 April – Pre-panel (applications to be received by this date)
  • 3 May – Panel
  • 7 June – Pre-panel (applications to be received by this date)
  • 14 June – Panel

Autumn term 2022

  • 6 September – Pre-panel (applications to be received by this date)
  • 13 September – Panel
  • 8 November – Pre-panel (applications to be received by this date)
  • 15 November – Panel

Appeals procedure  Opens new window

Appeals process  Opens new window

Applications should be received by the Friday before the panel date, holiday clubs may apply retrospectively in the case of the half term holidays if relevant.

Short Break Inclusion Funding 

Short Break Inclusion Funding may be available to support a child aged 2-18 years with SEND who lives in Leicestershire to access a provision as stated in the criteria. The Children and Family Wellbeing Service will have identified that it would be of benefit to the child and family to access this provision as a Short Break. Applications can only be submitted following a joint consultation between the provision, the family, the Play and Leisure Inclusion Officer. 

Application for short break inclusion funding  Opens new window

Short breaks inclusion funding criteria 2021-2022  Opens new window

Playscheme Inclusion Funding

For 2021, the playscheme grant aims to support an even distribution of playschemes across Leicestershire. Priority for awarding funding will be given to those schemes operating in areas of rural (population of less than 10,000) disadvantage and areas of deprivation (according to the indices of deprivation 2019).

More information can be found on the Holiday playschemes page.

For any more information about any of the strands of special educational needs funding please contact the Early Years Inclusion and Childcare Service on 0116 305 7136.

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