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Educational Psychology Service for schools

Statutory and commissioned services available from us for Leicestershire schools/academies and other professionals working with young people aged 0 - 25 years.

What we offer - statutory

This is all statutory work (work funded by Leicestershire County Council) and is available in the following priority order:

  • Psychological advice for Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) assessments. 
  • Psychological advice with requests to changes to school placements.
  • A critical incident and advice line for Leicestershire parents/carers and professionals. See contact details.
  • Legal work for SENDIST and Equality Act 2010 Tribunals. 
  • Early years assessment and intervention work.
  • Monitoring the progress of children placed in independent Special Schools, within and beyond Leicestershire.

What we offer - commissioned

Commissioned work is offered to all Leicestershire schools and academies on a first come, first served basis as there is a finite amount of time.

The most economic hourly/daily rate is available for ‘clusters’ and is charged on a not for profit basis.

Examples of the work we offer for commission:

  • Structured observation in educational setting(s) and during less structured times in the day to better understand the individual’s social and emotional development and world outlook. We can also undertake observation in the home/family setting where appropriate.
  • Professional consultation with teachers and other professionals, involving parents/carers – a joint, problem solving approach in which those who know the child well work with the educational psychologist.
  • Administration of standardised tests/questionnaires – to measure progress over time, following teacher/educational psychologist intervention(s).
  • Conduct focused, pupil interviews – using a variety of techniques to help children and young people express their views and so that their voice is central to educational planning.
  • A comprehensive cognitive assessment – to identify learning potential, relative strengths and cognitive weaknesses within different areas of functioning eg verbal ability, non-verbal reasoning, working memory, speed of information processing and spatial abilities.
  • Individually administered assessments of literacy and numeracy for planning "small steps" learning programmes
  • Setting and reviewing individualised plans for young people experiencing emotional and/or mental health barriers to learning – advising on educational programmes which reduce anxiety, enhance learning potential / life chances. This will strengthen mental health later in life.
  • Art-based interventions such as Draw and Talk - encouraging children to draw with a person they feel comfortable with and talking through difficult issues such as loss or bereavement.
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy – using questioning to help children and young people identify what they do well and exceptions to difficulties. The young people are then supported in using this information to think through solutions to problems they are experiencing in school and elsewhere.
  • Personal Construct Psychology – a theoretical approach which can help children and young people and adults around them better understand core beliefs and values and how these may be adversely affecting learning and behaviour.
  • Motivational Interviewing – a technique to help children and young people understand issues which may be blocking progress in learning, including relationships with peers and with adults more widely.

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