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The Virtual School offers training to adopters and special guardians, to help them understand why we're here and how we can help.

Coronavirus update

We'll be starting some whole school face-to-face training in the second half of the spring term, but we'll also continue to offer online training to schools, if they prefer.

Course: Training to Adoptive Parents

This training is ideal for: Adoptive parents (pre- or post-approval/placement)


  • To understand the role of the Leicestershire Virtual School 
  • To understand the effect of trauma and attachment difficulties and the barriers to learning for adopted children at school
  • To be familiar with a range of strategies to support children in school
  • To promote effective communication between adoptive parents and schools and positive home-school links

Date and venue: Wednesday 4 May 2022, 9.30am - 12pm via Microsoft Teams.

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