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The Personal Education Plan (PEP) meeting is a termly meeting that is held for each child in care and focuses on the child's education and any experiences in the child's life that can impact it.

Teacher, social worker, foster carer and child sat around a table at PEP meeting

PEP meetings are attended by the Designated Teacher (DT), social worker, foster carer and child. They are chaired either by the Virtual School or the DT, but the DT is responsible for completing the cloud-based ePEP document. The DT will need to work closely with others in school to assess the specific educational needs of a looked after child. Although the DT has the responsibility of leading on a Personal Education Plan, other staff in school may need to contribute to it.

All children who attend an Early Years setting will have two PEP meetings a year.  Further information on Early Years PEPs see Early Years PEPs.

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