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Every Child a Talker (ECAT)

Every Child a Talker (ECAT) is a national project to develop the language and communication of children from birth to five years of age.

Early Interventions - NHS Partnerships

The NHS early interventions resource has been produced for all professionals supporting children under 5 with their Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN).The menu page includes tools that Early Years Practitioners can use to evaluate children’s early language development.

When a child shows signs of delay in: attention and listening skills, understanding, talking/expressive language or social communication then click on the relevant section and select the age band that matches the child’s developmental level. This will give you general strategies to help and more specific activity ideas to support that area of the child’s language development.

There is also a ‘parents’ section on the menu page which helps you in giving advice to parents on ways to support their child’s development. This includes leaflets that can be printed out and given to parents.

The Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust pathway for 2 year olds with speech, language and communication needs gives further information.

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