Every Child a Talker (ECAT)

A campaign aiming to provide families with information to help their children under 2 learn to smile, listen and eventually talk.

Babble Back

A campaign developed by two Speech and Language Therapists working with families with children under 2, that’s running across Charnwood called ‘BabbleBack’.

This campaign aims to provide families with information to help their children learn to smile, listen and eventually talk. We have 6 key messages…

Ways to make talk part of everything you and your child do together:

Advice around how best to use dummies:

Find out why you should get down to play:

Find out why your baby prefers to look at your face than at the TV screen:

See how singing with your baby helps their brain develop:

Basic tips that turn playtime into a happy time for all:

Find out ways to talk to your baby

When the television is off and there’s no background noise you’ve got the perfect environment for the kind of fun and play that will really help children learn. It’s tempting for parents to jump-in too soon, too. Try letting your child pick a toy first; wait to see what they do next and listen carefully to the noises they make, before responding. It shows children they’re important if you let them take the lead.

Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Manager for Leicestershire, Janet Harrison, says, “Babies who get lots of good quality talking-time with their families experience different development from babies who don’t. Studies have shown that their brains even look physically different. You can see it, it’s amazing!

Babies get so much from face to face interaction with people: it makes them feel special and their brains light-up with energy. It’s one of the most helpful things that a parent can do.” Look out for buses across Charnwood over the next few weeks carrying these messages!

If you have any comments or feedback please e-mail: babbleback@lcchs.nhs.uk.

Further information

For research and top tips on helping your baby’s language develop please visit Literacy Trust - Talk to your baby.

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists has downloadable leaflets available in 12 languages.