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Apply for Inclusion Funding for children with high needs

Inclusion Funding may be available to early years settings, when children with very complex needs would benefit from additional staff support.

Most children with special educational or additional needs are successfully included in educational settings, without the need to increase the number of staff. However, in circumstances where children with the most complex needs would benefit from additional staffing, top-up inclusion funding may be available.

Funding is also available to buy special equipment for individual children, when recommended by an Occupational Therapist.

Who can apply

If you are an early years provider educating children with very complex needs, you may be eligible to apply for inclusion funding.

Other independent childminders, nurseries or pre-schools, validated by the council to provide early learning, can also apply for a contribution towards additional staffing.

We accept applications for funding for children who attend Leicestershire Early Years Providers only. For children that live in Leicestershire, but attend a non-Leicestershire provider, then the provider will request funding from their local authority.

For children that live outside of Leicestershire, but attend a Leicestershire provider, then the provider will request funding from Leicestershire.

When you can apply

Providers can apply for inclusion funding on the following dates:

Dates for the academic year 2020/21
Application due inPanels take place week beginningProviders informed via anycomms week beginning
10 August 202024 August 202031 August 2020
7 September 202021 September 202028 September 2020
12 October 202026 October 20202 November 2020
9 November 202023 November 202030 November 2020
28 December 202011 January 202118 January 2021
15 February 20211 March 20218 March 2021
12 April 202126 April 20213 May 2021
24 May 20217 June 202114 June 2021
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