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Apply for Inclusion Funding for children with high needs

Inclusion funding may be available to early years settings, to support them with providing an inclusive environment that meets the needs of all children.

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Most children with special educational needs are successfully included in early years settings with reasonable adjustments. For children with complex needs, inclusion funding can be applied for to enhance the provision to support the inclusion of these children.

Funding is also available to buy special equipment for individual children, when recommended by an Occupational Therapist.

Who can apply

If you're an Ofsted registered early years provider educating children with very complex needs, you may be eligible to apply for inclusion funding.

We accept applications for funding for children who attend Leicestershire Early Years Providers only. For children that live in Leicestershire, but attend a non-Leicestershire provider, then the provider will request funding from their local authority.

For children that live outside of Leicestershire, but attend a Leicestershire provider, then the provider will request funding from Leicestershire.

When you can apply

Early Years providers can apply for inclusion funding throughout the year. Following provider feedback, panels are now held once a month throughout term time. Applications received will be reviewed at the next available panel.

Any funding allocated, will be from the date of the panel. Panel decision forms will clearly state how long the funding has been awarded for. Providers are expected to reapply, if needed, to support possible continuation of funding.

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