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FEEE information for providers

Tools and information to help providers administer FEEE successfully, including 30 hours extended FEEE.

FAQ about FEEE funding

When is the child eligible?

Parents can start claiming the child's funded place, the period after their child turns 3 (or the period after their child turns 2 if they're eligible). The date they can claim will depend on when their child's birthday is.

Child’s birthday between:When they can claim:
1 January to 31 MarchFrom the 1 April following their 3rd birthday, or if eligible, following their 2nd birthday
1 April to 31 AugustFrom the 1 September following their 3rd birthday, or if eligible, following their 2nd birthday
1 September to 31 DecemberFrom the 1 January following their 3rd birthday, or if eligible, following their 2nd birthday

If a child was born on 15 February 2017. They’ll become eligible for the funded place from the 1 April 2020.

How many hours can a parent / carer claim?

Parents of eligible 2 year olds can claim a maximum of 15 hours FEEE per week. As a provider you can only provide this if you hold a good or better Ofsted rating.

For 3 and 4 year olds it will depend on the circumstances of the parent / carer. All children aged 3 or 4 can claim up to 15 hours FEEE per week for up to 38 weeks a year (term time). If a parent wishes to take less hours a week and stretch their hours over more than 38 weeks this is known as a stretched offer. This is something you can implement if you wish but not something we insist you support.

Some parents may be eligible for the 3 or 4 year old extended entitlement allowing them up to 30 hours of FEEE per week. You do not need to register separately to accept these children.

A parent has spoken to me about a stretched offer – what is this?

A stretched offer is when a parent wishes to take less than their 15/30 hours a week and use some of their entitlement in the holiday periods. A parent / carer cannot insist that a provider offers this opportunity, but if you can accommodate a parents/carers request and it will benefit the child we would definitely recommend you doing so.

You can find out more by reading our stretched offer guidance and if you require further advice on how to administer a stretched offer, please contact us on 0116 305 5788 or email:

When can a child access the funding?

Free hours must be accessed between 6am and 8pm and can be accessed Monday to Sunday. A maximum of 10 hours can be claimed for in 1 day.

Can funding be accessed at more than one provider?

Funding can be spread over a maximum of 2 providers in any one day.

Making a claim

What documents do I need before I make a claim?

A copy of each child’s birth certificate / passport or medical card and a signed/dated Parental Statement of Undertaking (PSOU) which clearly states how many hours the parent/carer wants you to claim for. A template is available on the main FEEE page.

You should also EYPP money (if they are a 3 / 4 year old).

Where a parent is eligible for the 2 year old funding or the extended entitlement you will also need to ensure you collect the relevant reference numbers, and in the case of the extended entitlement/EYPP the parent's NI number.

Do I send the copy of birth certificate and PSOU to the Local Authority?

No – please keep the copies securely, in line with your data protection policy.

How do I claim?

Each period you will access an online Headcount form which asks you to detail all eligible children attending your provision. You will receive an email to notify you of when it has opened and when it will be closing, along with details on how to complete it. You can refer to upcoming Headcount and payment dates in our FEEE calendar which can be found on our main FEEE page.

You must ensure you submit your Headcount form prior to the deadline date in order to receive your funding.
Where children join your setting or change their hours after you have submitted the headcount form you should complete a mid-term amendmentt.

What are the minimum/maximum hours a child can claim for?

A maximum of 10 hours can be claimed for in one day. There is no minimum claim.

Can I claim for a relative?

Early education funding cannot be claimed by, or spent on, childminders providing childcare for their own child or a related child, by blood or marriage.

Payment Information

How much funding will I get paid?

The total funding you receive for 3 and 4 year old funding will be made up of two parts:

  • a base rate,
  • the funding received through the deprivation supplement.

This is paid as a lump sum and will reflect the amount paid per child, per hour based on the child’s address.

How is FEEE paid?

An initial payment at the beginning or prior to the start of the term and a final payment just after half term.

The initial payment is an advance payment based on the eligible children claimed for in the previous term.

Once the Headcount data is collected, the final payment is the total hours claimed for minus the initial payment. Mid-term amendments are then submitted and this adjustment is then made along with the following terms initial payment.

In your first term as a newly FEEE registered provider you will receive your first payment on the final payment date.

If a child moves settings, do I need to transfer the funding?

Funding that needs to be transferred will be administered by the Early Learning and Childcare Service. This means all changes to the Headcount task must be added to the Amendment task..

What happens if a child who is claiming FEEE leaves the setting without honouring their notice period?

Funding always follows the child. If parents/carer(s) do not honour their notice period this is a matter concerning the provider and the parent, and the provider should invoice the parents accordingly.

I’ve claimed for a child but haven’t been paid the correct hours?

This is normally due to a child previously claiming at another setting and not being taken off as a leaver on their Headcount or Amendment task. Please contact the helpline on 0116 305 5788 for further advice.

If a child is absent will I still get paid?

Children should be in attendance for all of the funded time claimed for unless there is a valid reason such as illness or holiday. Providers are expected to maintain accurate records of each child’s attendance (including start and leaving times) and ensure they actively engage with parents/carers where attendance is sporadic or consistently lower than the FEEE claimed, amending their claims when relevant.

If you are aware that a child at your setting is likely to take extended leave or has difficulty in attending regularly, contact your FEEE team for advice on 0116 305 5788.

What is a mid-term amendment payment?

Once the headcount questionnaire has been submitted you will be given the opportunity via a mid-term adjustment to advise us of any changes including new starters, leavers and children that have changed their number of funded hours.

We must be informed of all changes to your Headcount. Payments will be made at the same time as the following terms initial payment.

How do I know if I have been paid?

A BACS Remittance advice is sent out by the treasurer’s department, usually via email and a final payment breakdown will be released via AnyComms+ after the final payment is made.

Headcount task

I have missed the Headcount deadline but need to submit some claims – what should I do?

You will need to complete the Amendment task when it is released. If there are changes that occur between the end of the Amendment task and the end of the period, you will be able to notify us via a late adjustment form. This will be emailed out to all providers after the Amendment task has closed. Please note that this is purely for changes that occur at the end of the period when both tasks have closed. Should you miss adding children or increasing hours on the relevant tasks, then you will not receive the funding.

The mid-term Amendment task informs the service of any changes that have taken place since you submitted your Headcount task. This may include:

  • New starters
  • Leavers
  • Children reducing their hours
  • Children increasing their hours

If you have no changes you do not need to return this.

2 Year Old Funding

Can I offer the 2 year old funding if I am newly registered and do not have an Ofsted grade?

Yes, however once you are inspected if you do not receive a grade of ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ you will be removed from the list of providers able to offer the 2 year old funding and funding may be withdrawn as soon as practicable.

What if my Ofsted grade changes? Can I continue to offer 2 year old funded places?

If you do not receive an Ofsted grade of ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ you will be removed from the list of providers offering the 2 year old funding. Any children already accessing the funding at your provision will continue to be funded however you will not be in a position to take any new children until your Ofsted grade once again reflects good or outstanding. Should you not receive a good or outstanding at your subsequent inspection, then funding for existing children will also be stopped.

The local authority will write to you outlining their position in relation to the funding. It is important that Leicestershire children access high quality provision so we will, if necessary remove the funding as soon as is practicable. In all cases providers are expected to engage and work with officers of the Early Years Inclusion and Childcare Service. 
For further information please refer to our Removal of FEEE funding policy.

What if there is a change to my provision?

Depending on what the change is, you may need to give us more details. If any of the following changes have or are due to take place you should complete a change of circumstance form which can be found on our main FEEE page.

  • Change in ownership
  • Change in bank details
  • Change in Leader / Manager
  • Change to the organisational status
  • Change to the premises
  • Change in committee representative
  • Closure / withdrawal from the FEEE scheme.

If there are other changes due to take place i.e. increasing your numbers / age range / extending your provision / high turnover of staff etc. you should contact our duty desk on 0116 305 7136 for further support.

Support for early years providers

Is there any support available to me?

For more information on the support available please see Support from the local authority.

If you have a FEEE related query you can call 0116 305 5788 or email For general childcare advice you can call our Duty Desk on 0116 305 7136 or email

What if I have an Ofsted grade of ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’?

The local authority does not have a duty to provide targeted support to those who are deemed good or better by Ofsted, there is a huge amount of information and resources available on our website: or you can contact our duty desk on 0116 305 7136 during office hours. Alternatively you can email us on

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