Applying for help with a child's medical condition

Schools must ensure that children and young people with medical needs - such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or other medical conditions - are fully supported to get the most from education.

What schools need to do

As a school you must ensure you fully support children and young people with medical needs.  You need to put arrangements in place so that these children have full access to education and are able to enjoy the same opportunities at school as any other child.

Your school’s policy should ensure all school staff providing support to a child with medical needs have had suitable training.

For information see the guidance about supporting students with medical conditions.

The guidance includes advice on policies and procedures and templates to help you to develop consistent support.

What help is available

Help is available for you to support children and young people with medical conditions at school.

Help from healthcare professionals

A healthcare professional should notify the school nurse at your school when a child has been identified as having a medical condition that will require your school’s support. As part of this they may provide you with advice on developing healthcare plans.

Specialist local health teams may also be able to provide support in schools for children with particular conditions.  To find out about the support available in your area and how to access it, contact Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust on 0300 3000 007 or by email.

Help from our Specialised Teaching Services

Your school may apply to get support from an Advisory Teacher through our Specialised Teaching Services. The Advisory Teacher can advise and support you to ensure that children and young people with physical disabilities and medical needs are fully included in school activities.

The support can include:

  • liaison with other agencies and health professionals
  • partnership work with parents and carers
  • advice on curriculum access and examination arrangements
  • health and safety advice
  • training - when they have available time

How to apply for help

For further information or to apply for help to support a child with a medical condition in your school, please contact our Specialist Teaching Service.