Higher Education & Your Future

Maybe you knew the career path you wanted to follow a while ago? Or maybe you wanted to take more time, try some different things, improve your qualifications, or develop your skills before deciding.

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If you’re not sure what you’d like to do next, visit the National Careers Service for loads of help with an action plan. This will help you focus the good ideas you already have, give you key facts about a variety of jobs, help you carry out a skills health check and show you how to build a CV.

If you think university is the place for you, we’ve got plenty of information and guides to help you.


Higher Education doesn’t just mean going to university. You can also get a higher education qualification from other courses, such as Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships. (You might even be able to use UCAS points earned on these courses to get into uni later if you want to.)

Higher Apprenticeships  

Of course, after being in education for so many years, some people choose to be independent and get a job.

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