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Tall Ships 2019 - Day 2, part 2

The group up woke up and had breakfast nice and early to get ready for the 2nd day of sailing.

After breakfast they put the practice of yesterday to use and put the sails up.

K & L enjoyed learning how to do 3 types of knots which are:

  • Figure of 8
  • Bow Line
  • Reef knot

Then they taught the rest of the group how to do these knots. Then the group learned about the wind and the different ways the wind comes in as well as about different types of waves.

There was time to chill out and enjoy the waves and scenery in between the quick learning sessions though. Afterwards it was time for a light lunch buffet to keep everyone energised for the rest of the afternoon. Once lunch was put away, the group had a look at learning how to read and navigate using the map and some of the young people in the group got to try steering the boat.

As we approached Lymington, the group started to put the sails down to get ready to moor. Once we arrived in Lymington it was time to get ready to head to the water park for some swimming. It was a great day for it with the sun shining brightly. After a couple hours of fun in the water the group warmed themselves up in the hot tub before hitting the showers to head back to the boat for to prep and cook dinner.

After dinner we’ll be heading over to the nearby park for some footy.

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