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Year 8/9 Art & Design University Day

Today some of our Year 8 and 9 students are visiting De Montfort University and finding out what it is like to study art and design.

We have been doing a fine art sketching project, using a variety of different objects to create a composition which we will then draw. We have also created a 3D set design for a play and then presented it to the whole group. As you can see it involved a lot of work for us all. Our final task has been making circles and spirals out of straight lines.

Our students had lots to say on the day including:
"My favourite activity was making the spirals"
"I didn't like the 'manky mushroom' we had to draw"
"It has made us want to come to uni"
"I like drawing the things in a box"
"I definitely want to come back for the residential in June!"

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