Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Early Years

Supporting children’s Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs.

When a child presents with SEMH needs, their presentation could include, but is not limited to:

  • May be withdrawn, overactive and/or poor concentration
  • May have ‘trigger’ that they respond to
  • May present spikey, inconsistent developmental profiles
  • May present extreme emotions
  • Children who may present with eating or sleeping difficulties
  • May find following instructions difficult
  • May seek or reject reassurance from an adult
  • May partake in self-harm activities
  • May struggle to make and maintain friendships 
  • Children who find it difficult to regulate their behaviour and emotions

Early Years Inclusion Practitioners

The Inclusion Practitioners work with children at risk of exclusion, until they are statutory school age. This work is based in settings and schools and can take the form of advice, modelling, intensive support, supporting dual placements and/or supporting statutory assessments.

How do I request the support of an Early Years Inclusion Practitioner?

The team accepts referrals from parents or anyone working with a child who has parental consent for the referral. Children accepted by the team show significant delay in more than one area of development.

Referral is via the local authority’s Early Years SEND Inclusion Panel. There is a meeting every week during term time.

The team discuss every child referred and decide which service is best placed to meet the child’s needs.

Following allocation at panel, an Inclusion Practitioner will contact parents and carers to talk about what the team has to offer. At this first contact, it will be decided how often and where the visits will take place. Contacts will be in a setting/reception class at a school and may be a mix of virtual and face to face.

Guidance videos

An introduction to Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Early Years (YouTube video)

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