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Apprenticeships for Care Leavers

In February 2018, 23.6% of Leicestershire’s 16 to 18 year old care leavers were not in employment education or training (NEET) compared to 2.1% for all Leicestershire young people of the same age (November 2017).

The figures get worse as care leavers get older.

​The council has an on-going responsibility to support their looked after children as they make the transition to adulthood. This responsibility applies to all care leavers up to the age of 21 with an offer of support until they are 25.

As a result, the council has agreed to provide a minimum of six ring-fenced apprenticeship opportunities for Leicestershire care leavers to be filled by April 2019.

Emerging apprenticeship opportunities will be matched to care leavers who meet the criteria and whose interests and skills have been identified as relevant to the post.

Where a young person is considered 'work-ready' they will start a work trial for a minimum of two weeks. If the young person meets expectations, and both department management and the young person are satisfied, the placement will extend to a paid apprenticeship.

Training and advice for departmental managers, to enable them to understand and support the needs of care leavers, will be offered by the Leicestershire Virtual School who, along with the Care Leaver team, will offer ongoing daily support to departmental managers.

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