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Children and young people should soon have received a copy of the Virtual School and Corporate Parenting newsletter. It’s packed full of information and ideas for activities.

Home cooking

Please encourage and help your youngsters to read the newsletter. They may need your help to carry out some of the activities, such as the recipe ideas, creating the time capsule or learning some ways to relax.

We’d love children and young people to send us photos of things they have made, whether it’s a calm jar, some chocolate nests or something made from an old milk container!

Bedtime stories and other activities!

Curve Theatre have created downloadable activity packs for children. They can invent their own marvelous medicine with George, learn how to draw their very own character with Cat and help Gerald the Giraffe find his way to the Jungle Dance with a fab Jungle Maze.

To help with homeschooling, Curve have also asked leading actors to read a selection of stories for children. For the first tale, children can read along with Leicester actor Mark Peachey as he narrates David WalliamsRatburger.

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