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Inspirational activities for you and your children!

Take advantage of this lockdown period to explore the world. Start off with the following “Amazing Places You Can Visit Without Leaving Home!” and follow up with our selection of fun, creative activities.

Family time

Here are a few virtual tours that may be fun to look at with your young people.

See if they can find 10 interesting facts from each place or create a quiz for another member of the family to try.

The Louvre

The Louvre

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Street Art Tours

Street Art Tours

Have a go at some of the following activities and keep yourselves and your children occupied over the coming weeks.  We would love to see photos of the things the children create!

Reading a story.

Reading together.


Lego, Knex, bricks

Sand pit

Water play-plastic trays, containers, washing up bowls

Finger painting


Make dens using sheets and blankets

Watch films together

Pasta shape painting and collage

‘Paint’ in the garden with water

Measure things with a rule or tape.

Play board games


Play shops

Play cafes

Make a house with a cardboard box

Make obstacle course


Make puppets out of socks


Make collages out of old magazines

Look at photos of animals, places etc

Look after pet and do a project about it

Simple cooking, sandwich making.

Baking – measuring, recipes, decorating.

Make your own play dough-salt dough

Make musical instruments with containers and rice etc

Make a show

Dance to music

Do a workout

Play card games

Make up a quiz and send it to friends by email

Treasure hunt- e.g. in the house and garden find 10 items to go in a matchbox.

Word games - I spy, 20 questions, alphabet memory games

I-pad games/ tablet games

Make your own board game

Do origami and send photos to friends

Colouring in

Birdwatch in the garden and learn to identify birds

Take photos of nature

Write a diary

Make a recipe book

Do a chore in the house

Child led project about an interest

Audible books/ story tapes

Learn to draw

Make cartoons

Research a country

Make a quiz for the family online.

Older children deliver a lesson to younger children- could do online.

Learn a new language e.g. Duolingo website

Practice a musical instrument-use YouTube to learn.

Find a virtual tour of a museum or zoo

Google virtual tours

Webcams of volcanoes etc

Have fun doing hairstyles

Create outfits and do a fashion show

Have a very Happy Easter!

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