Music Course (13-17 August 2018)

This summer, the Virtual School supported 8 young people aged 12-16 to take part in a music project with Pedestrian, a Leicester-based charity delivering workshops in music, art and media.

Collage of ideas and artwork created by students on Music Course

We started off the week by putting together a team agreement. Then we listened to a local beatboxer before sharing our interests and adding them to a beatboxing track.

The group then developed a theme for the music and song writing they wanted to develop. After a vote, they decided they would explore the theme 'Old to New' for the album that they would work on together throughout the week. They also looked at sample art work to inspire the music and lyric writing as well as using a recording studio and the Logic music programme to put together tracks.

Throughout the week, the group took part in mindfulness activities and games involving learning rhythm and how to use instruments.

The group worked really well together and by the end of the week, had produced an album of 5 tracks that involved rapping, poems, music and lyrics. Some young people got creative as they designed an album cover and made plans to showcase their performance to carers, social workers and Virtual School staff.

On the day of their performance at Curve Theatre, the young people's nerves were eased by us all taking part in some Zen time with positive postcard feedback and meditation. They all fully engaged with these activities. As the afternoon continued, the young people showcased the tracks they had created throughout the week to carers, social workers and other professionals. There were even live performances by two of our brave young people!

Leicestershire Matters

The ASK Programme are hosting a series of free events during National Apprenticeship Week.

Applications are now open for the Sutton Trust Summer Schools – free summer residentials for year 12 students!

We're pleased to announce the Leicester City Council and Leicestershire Council's Careers Fair.

On Sunday 2nd October Curve Theatre in Leicester hosted a hugely successful presentation event for the My Books, My Story project.

Following the success of the "My Books, My Story" Highcross exhibition, the work of our young people has gone virtual.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a a busy time in a child's development.