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Participation Event: Scrooge the Musical

On the 14th December 2017, 12 young people in Years 8 and above attended the Virtual School participation event to see Scrooge the Musical at the Curve.

Scrooge the Musical is based on the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. The show was brought to life with some great singing, acting and dancing. Some young people even spotted a famous celebrity on stage playing the very energetic 'Tom Jenkins' who also has a key role in the BBC show East Enders. Some of the young people who attended the event have their own aspirations to take up drama currently and in the coming new year and this was the perfect event to showcase the involvement of adults, young people and children putting on a performance together.

Feedback from the night was very positive and the young people enjoyed the show and would go to see a musical again. They also came away with more of an understanding about the story of Scrooge the Christmas Carol. Whist the young people were there they all enjoyed a free ice-cream and were given their own copy of A Christmas Carol on behalf of the Virtual School.

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