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Pedestrian Music Course 2019 - Day 1

The Pedestrian Music course kicks off today with a group of eager young people ready to get their musical creativity flowing.

We had a nice and early start to the day, although not too early! After everyone arrived we sat in a circle and met the Pedestrian team. Then we played some ice breaker games such as a rhythm with beats and “drum stick switch”. It was a fun way to explore different rhythms, coordination and balance as well as listening skills. As a final activity we did sensory activities to loosen up and get more settled in our surroundings.

After we got all settled and grounded, we spent some time developing a concept theme for the album. We played around with different words, themes on change and transitions. Then Shay did a quick demonstration for the group on how different rhythms can come together and how to make use of the mic to play around with a beat. Once we had a nice list of different themes we could work with, the young people picked the theme they wanted to explore. The Pedestrian team were there to help with song writing, guitar, piano and working on the computer using Logic to play with different sounds.

In the afternoon the group continued to work on their tracks, and laying down more lyrics and beats for it. To cap off a great start to the week, T performed what he’s worked on for the group! It was a great way to end the day on a high and everyone is looking forward to working on the tracks further tomorrow.

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