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Pedestrian Music Course - Day 3

We started the day with warm up activities that involved using symbols to create body sounds and movements.

One of our young people spent the morning experimenting with instruments such as the violin. Most of the day was spend recording the track and polishing the lyrics. We also did work on our ASDAN and Arts Award portfolios.

E kept us entertained in between with riddles and getting staff and other young people to work them out but we were all riddled out.

After lunch we discussed other career and interest opportunities around Leicester that offer musical activities for those who want to further their involvement in music and progress further.

The last quarter of the afternoon everyone did a little preview on what they had been working on so far. There was some singing, we listened to some beats, spoken word and some rapping and one of our young people even played their ukulele for us. They all sounded amazing so far and we can’t wait to hear the final tracks on Friday!

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