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Pedestrian Music Course - Day 5 - Before the Battery Runs Out

It’s the final day of the music course!

We started off with a catch up with Jay on what we had achieved during the week, such as creating an individual pieces, sampling music, using LOGIC, lyric writing, playing new musical instruments and working together as a team to come up with a concept for the album. Then we did the warm up followed by some group work to create a new sound.

Afterwards we went through the set list of the tracks and arranged them in a pleasant order for the album. We agreed to start with some of the more upbeat songs, then have the mellow songs in the middle and finish on a high. 

All throughout the afternoon the group worked on putting the finishing touches on their tracks and ASDAN and Arts Award. 

After lunch it was time for the showcase of the aptly titled “Before the Battery Runs Out”! We all gathered together to listen to the tracks the young people have been working on so hard for the whole week. There was a great sense of celebration as we listened to each individual track and the amount of work each of them put into their songs. From the lyric writing that was both heartfelt and creative, to the way the track was composed together, it was brilliant to see how they had progressed throughout the week and the impact of the music course on their confidence and their ability to express themselves through the creative process.

The Pedestrian team had nothing but praise for the young people and how well they all collaborated to make the album come together, as well as their creative and music making abilities. They offered them further opportunities for those who want to keep making music, as well as highlighting the various organisations that offer opportunities to hone those musical skills in the local community. 

Last but not least, every single young person was awarded a certificate for participating and given their own copy of the album with all the tracks.

With the listening session over, it was time to recharge the batteries with some delicious donuts from Doughnotts.


A final messsage from Kerry and Aby - Virtual School Youth Workers

"We want to say that we are so proud of everyone for putting in 100% into making their tracks, working on their ASDAN and Arts Awards and for producing a great concept album. Well done!"

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