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Support for Carers

Like you, your child may be finding the current situation unsettling. Children in care may be missing key adults and friends at school and they might also be struggling without their normal daily routines. On top of all this, they may be feeling anxious about corona virus and the restrictions on our daily lives. The following resources may help to explain the virus to children and help them with any anxiety they may have about it.

Coronavirus Story for Children

Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Chris and Xand have what you need to know

BrainPOP - Coronavirus

Cornavirus Social Story

PHE School Zone

It will be important to introduce a structure to your child’s day, but don’t be too disheartened if it takes a while for children to get used to the idea of having their school day at home. Try to keep the day relaxed and varied with regular breaks.

We are sure your child’s school has given you lots of suggestions for useful websites and learning activities and the Leicestershire Virtual School wants to help you in providing a rich diet of activities for you to try with your children. We will be producing regular updates of activities and web-based resources for you to try with your children. So please check the Latest News section of the Virtual School website over the coming weeks for new links and activities.

We thought it might be good to have a few fun activities for you to do together as well as the more academic tasks, so here goes!

  • Start each day with a workout - The Body Coach website has a range of different 'PE with Joe' workouts to try
  • Set up your home school: make up a name, create a register and design your timetable . As an extra, make up a school song!
  • Play a board game
  • Write and decorate a menu for your school lunch
  • Make a snack to eat at lunchtime
  • Can you find these 5 things in your garden? A minibeast, a yellow petal, an unusual stone, a leaf, a stick. Finally, can you spot 5 different birds? 

The Virtual School would love you to send in your pictures of the things you have created!

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