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Tall Ships 2018 - Day 1

We set off from County Hall a little bit late but arrived in Portsmouth on time...

We met our crew for the week, Jim and Monkey (Mike). We had a tour of the boat which people thought was amazing. It is also described as like a Tardis as it looked quite small but once you get inside it's quite big. We set sail around 3pm where we sailed from Portsmouth to Chichester.

The weather was nice - after weeks of hot weather it was good to have a cool breeze. Chloe steered the boat for the first time and thought it was easier than expected. She also said it was calming. One member of the group found it so relaxing that he fell asleep whilst Chloe was steering!

We then dropped anchor and released the dinghy into the water so we could go ashore to the beach. While at the beach there was a competitive game of boules which everybody enjoyed. We are now eagerly waiting for our first supper on the boat!

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