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Tall Ships 2018 - Day 2

It was lovely to wake up to a view of the beach this morning. It was another sunny day, but with a pleasant cooling breeze.

We checked the engines before setting off from Chichester. Some of us had a go at steering the ship and after a little while we put the sails up for the first time. That involved a lot of teamwork as we all hauled on the ropes together. The winds were good so we got up quite a speed as we sailed past Cowes on the Isle of Wight on our way to Beaulieu. Our skipper, Monkey, taught us how to remember the different parts of the boat and how to find then.

As we came down the river Beaulieu, we saw loads of jellyfish. We got off the boat and ventured into the woods for a walk to Beaulieu. It's a lovely old village and we bought ice creams and crab lines. We walked back by the river and had a cruise (well a dinghy ride) back to the ship.

We used our crab lines on the pontoon with bacon as bait and caught about 30 crabs! Kate got nipped by the biggest crab in the bucket.

We were ready for our supper after another action-packed day! As a bonus, there are showers in Beaulieu!

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