Tall Ships 2018 - Final Day

The night sail was one of the highlights of the Virtual School Tall Ships trip.

Group of students on a boat in the middle of the sea during Tall Ships residential trip 2018.

We were split into two teams and each team planned out a route using a map, a compass, a protractor and a nautical speed chart. We sailed the route, looking out for specific markers which had their own patterns of flashing lights. It was hard to find the right markers in the dark as there were so many other markers flashing but we all got the hang of it and both teams ended up in the right place.

It was a late night (interrupted by the doors banging when ships went by and caused our boat to rock!) so we were all tired this morning as we got ready for the journey home. We sailed to Portsmouth before cleaning the boat and packing our bags.

We were all given certificates, our sailing awards and positive feedback from the crew who said how much they'd enjoyed having us on board for the week. The skipper said we all impressed him with our attitude and great teamwork. Chloe was pleased to have been chosen to come back as a mentor next year for showing exceptional leadership.

We just had time for a quick look around some shops before setting off for Leicester.

Our highlights of a great Virtual School trip were jumping off the boat into the sea, the night sail, being on the beach, crabbing and the lovely showers at Beaulieu! Also, meeting each other and being together- by Monday night our friendships had grown massively and we've had a great time together all week.

Leicestershire Matters

The ASK Programme are hosting a series of free events during National Apprenticeship Week.

Applications are now open for the Sutton Trust Summer Schools – free summer residentials for year 12 students!

We're pleased to announce the Leicester City Council and Leicestershire Council's Careers Fair.

On Sunday 2nd October Curve Theatre in Leicester hosted a hugely successful presentation event for the My Books, My Story project.

Following the success of the "My Books, My Story" Highcross exhibition, the work of our young people has gone virtual.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a a busy time in a child's development.