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Tall Ships 2019 - Day 1

It was an early morning start for the Virtual School and young people as we set off for a Tall Ships adventure.

We had a comfortable journey down from Nick who drove the mini bus.  On the journey there were votes on music choice.  Kerry from the Virtual School and K requested 80’s music but were out voted.

We started our adventure at Portsmouth, after arriving at Gun Wharf quay.  We made our way to the harbour as soon as we arrived and were greeted by a Tall Ships staff member who guided us to meet our skipper, Lindsey, and the mate, Charlotte, and we all introduced ourselves.  We were then guided onto the catamaran where we were shown around and had a safety briefing in two groups on the important functions of the catamaran.

After the safety briefing we unpacked and set off for Cowes.  Throughout the journey we were taught how to put the sail up and down and how to tie a clove hitch and a two and a half hitches that protect the boat when mooring in.

When we came into Cowes we were taught how to set up all the lines and also how to tie the fenders to the boat. We then settled for the night with group activities and Port Watch are on cooking duty with the tradition of having fajitas on the first night.  The group enjoyed a lovely tea that was very much appreciated followed by a short walk around Cowes.

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