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Tall Ships 2019 - Day 4

After a sleepy start to the morning, the group set up breakfast and were set for their tacky souvenir gift challenge – buying something for £2 with a reason for choosing that gift.

Back on board they learnt about navigating, nautical miles and distance and had to work out their journey, and arrival time for the journey ahead.

Once the catamaran was prepped for sailing, the group took the initiative to sail, preparing defenders and the sail boom, as well as enjoying views whilst we sailed past The Needles.

We anchored in for a short while in Osbourne Bay and enjoyed our last tea together as a group and they revealed their tacky souvenir gift: Mr Coconut Head and a broken spade.

M, who was asked to come back as a mentor, was sharing his nautical knowledge with the group. For example he was teaching the rest about different vessels and was particularly knowledgeable about the Destroyer 45, a six guided missile destroyer built for the UK navy and that was moored in Portsmouth harbour.

After the night sail the group went for a hot shower after a long day of sailing and settled in for the night ahead of our final day tomorrow. Before our night came to an end our skipper commented on how well our young people have worked together as a team how well they have bonded and behaved.

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