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Terrible Tales in Leicestershire

Leicestershire Virtual School is working in collaboration with the Communities and Wellbeing Heritage Service to offer workshops at a number of museums. The theme is "Terrible Tales in Leicestershire"

The first session took place at Charnwood Museum on the 31st May and was called Shuddersome Stone Age - this was an opportunity to find out how Stone Age people lived in Leicestershire.

Seven young people and their carers attended the event and had a great morning learning about the timeline from the Stone Age right through to Roman times. The workshop gave the young people a chance to look at and hold various tools, clothing, and materials and to work out where in Stone Age history they may have been used.

The young people also had an opportunity to be  mini archaeologists, finding hidden Stone Age items amongst a range of other gems and junk. The workshop finished off with an opportunity to  explore a range of Stone Age drawing and patterns and for the young people to have  go at drawing their own pieces of art with charcoal pencils.

A great session with many more to come!

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