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University Residential - Blog Day 3

Architecture, language, sports and good food were the order of day 3 of the summer University Residential.

We made spaghetti towers and learned how to say knock-knock in Japanese which is Ton Ton. After lunch we played some sports such as football and tennis and did circuits in the gym upstairs.

After the sports we came back to the halls and had a shower and got ready for the BBQ. The BBQ was nice but it was a bit too cold to stay outside and eat so we came back inside and had our dinner in the kitchen.

Then we got ready to go to the Disco which was alright but some of us were really tired from the busy day and headed back to the flat. We got to watch Love Island before bed time.

We need to get up a bit earlier tomorrow, so we can pack our bag as it’s our last day at summer school.

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